Steps to Ensure a Quality Breeding Flock
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Steps to Ensure a Quality Breeding Flock

Most people assume all pheasants are the same, but actually there are several different subspecies and bloodlines within a subspecies.   So how does one maintain the traits and qualities of a flock with all this variety?   That is what we will explore a little here.
The best thing to do is maintain your breeder flock in separate pens at a separate facility if your situation allows. These facilities must be extremely secure – if you can put your fist through a hole, a pheasant can fit through this hole too. Securing your facility will insure you can keep your bloodlines and subspecies separated and that you control the breeding process. 
When selecting your breeders, determine what number you’ll need, and then add another three percent to allow for mortality. Choose your breeders by looking for color, conformation, weight, tail length and overall health. Birds lacking in any of these traits or showing any kind of physical defect should be rejected. The birds you select then need the primary feathers clipped on one wing and have a new peeper in place to control aggressive behaviors. Your breeder flock needs to have 24-28 square feet per bird and be fed a 20 percent protein diet; this is not the time to skimp on quality. Pre-production health plays a vital role in quality egg production.  
It’s best to keep males and females in their own pens until you’re ready to start the breeding process. By following the above policies, you can insure a uniform, healthy and quality breeder flock which provides quality healthy chicks. 
Brian Check
MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc.

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