Fall is Pheasant Season!
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Fall is Pheasant Season!

As the leaves turn bright yellow, gold, red and brown, we turn to the cornucopia of fruits, vegetables and other seasonal produce harvested. If you’re of a mind to start baking and cooking, bringing delightful smells and warmth to your home, you may want to consider including pheasant in your ‘harvest’ this year. 
Pheasant meat goes well simply grilled, pan fried or oven roasted, but also can be enhanced by that cornucopia you’re harvesting. Take your harvest of apples and pears, cook them down and use them as a reduction to serve with pheasant breast. Or stuff them inside a whole bird with a couple cloves to spice it up a bit and roast in your oven.  Slow roast the pheasant breast or whole bird with brussel sprouts or cabbage and bring out an earthy yet sweet flavor in the pheasant.  Both early and late squash make a wonderful side dish for pheasant and play up the flavor nicely while adding color to your plate presentation. 
When cooking your pheasant, remember the mushrooms and garlic! These two ingredients really know how to kick up the ‘savory’ or ‘umami’ of pheasant, as well as other game meats. For those of you who may not have a favorite or are looking for a new recipe, we have you covered!
You can find a plethora of pheasant recipes on our website at www.pheasantfordinner.com along with recipes for other game meats. While you’re there, look over the items you can order for yourself or send as a holiday gift to friends and family. Remember, fall is Pheasant Season, so utilize your harvest to create your own memorable dinner with a MacFarlane Pheasant. Bon Appetit!
Mary Jo Bergs
MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc.

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