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Facebook is a website that you may have heard of but are not familiar with how it can help you. At MacFarlanes, we have learned how it can have a great effect on our business.  
Facebook is what is called a ‘social media site,’ it has over 500 million users and is growing every day.  You might be thinking “why would social media matter and what does Facebook have to do to with pheasant production?” and that’s a good question! 
MacFarlane Pheasants created our own Facebook page last fall, www.facebook.com/macfarlanepheasants, and has had great success connecting with people who want to learn about pheasant production and products that we offer.  And that is what social networking sites are all about – creating connections. 
Facebook is important because it allows businesses to connect with their customers better than traditional media by bringing companies and customers closer than ever before. If you create a Facebook page for your business be sure to communicate often and engage your customers.  Through Facebook and other social media means, MacFarlane Pheasants has generated sales leads and sponsorship opportunities that we would not have otherwise.
Keep in mind; however, for all the good things that can come about using social media, there is a downside. You must be monitoring your site on a daily basis. Why? Simply stated - if you have an unsatisfied customer who chooses to air their unhappiness on your site, you need to respond quickly lest it lead to a landslide of unhappy comments on your site. The lesson here is that you need to be dedicated to watching over your social media sites. 
Though we are still navigating how Facebook can improve our customer service and relations, we are realizing it is changing the way people interact and do business. While MacFarlane Pheasants will continue using traditional communication methods, we also will change to engage consumers with social media. 


Cole Hardyman
MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc.

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