Update on 2011 Chick Season
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Sarah Pope- chicksales@pheasant.com

Sarah PopeThe grass is turning green and the sun is shining, which means its chick season! This spring our office staff and hatchery staff are very busy taking orders and shipping out chicks. Most of our day-old chicks are loaded in boxes and are making the long haul to the Minneapolis Airmail Facility. From there, the chicks are shipped out thru priority mail and arrive at our customers’ local post offices. We are having great luck with our new hatchery schedule and most of the chicks are arriving healthy and loudly chirping to the post offices.

As in the past, we shipped to England, Denmark, Canada and Tajikistan already this year; we also had a new experience shipping eggs to Rome, Italy. Like states, each country has their own rules and regulations so exporting to Italy required a little research, but in the end the eggs arrived there safely and in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, we could not ship eggs or chicks to Ireland as we have in years past. The Ireland government decided that their airports are not suited to accept any chicks or eggs, which is unfortunate for our long-standing Ireland customers.

Shipping eggs to other countries is easier and less stressful than shipping a live, day-old chick; however, it requires the hatchery to do a lot more work. Under the European Union’s health certificate regulations, all eggs that are imported must be stamped with the word “hatching” and our National Poultry Improvement Program number. Could you imagine stamping “hatching” on thousands of pheasant eggs considering how small they are? This takes its toll on our hatchery workers.

Our hatchery workers have been very busy every week hatching and sexing chicks. In the month of April we shipped an average of 62,000 chicks a week. In May one week we shipped 115,000 pheasant and partridge chicks. These baby chicks were shipped or delivered all over the United States, Canada, and England. So far, the chick season has been successful and busy. Hopefully we will be blessed with beautiful weather in the next months so we can ship chicks through the middle of August.

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