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Wisconsin Restaurant Show Offers Direct Contact

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Since 2007, MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. has participated in the Wisconsin Restaurant Expo, showing off our food products selections, talking with chefs, restaurant owners, media personnel and culinary students about our products and discussing how to fit pheasant on the menu.

Often chefs and restaurateurs use pheasant as a fall/winter menu item only and many times I suggest that pheasant is a perfect item on the menu, regardless of the time of year. Pheasant is perfect for lighter summer menus with its natural rich poultry flavor that doesn't require a lot of prep time and can be quickly cooked for lunch or dinner. 

Try it marinated in olive oil and garlic, grilled, and placed on top of a salad of mixed greens, fresh berries and melon for a light, sweet lunch or dinner treat. Another thought is to make a Panini for the lunch menu with grilled pheasant breast, layered with bacon, avocado, tomato, lettuce and basil mayo, place on panini bread, grill and lunch is served in about 10 minutes! Save up the tenders, dredge in seasoned flour, quickly deep fry and you'll have `pheasant phingers' for the kids to enjoy. Dinner menu ideas include pheasant breast stuffed with freshly harvested, sauteed mushrooms, spring garlic greens mixed with ricotta cheese. Pair any of these ideas with seasonal veggies or fruits and lunch or dinner is served!

Keep in mind, pheasant adds cache' to any menu and can be used in place of other proteins. You can find recipe ideas for the home chef as well as the professional chef at www.pheasantfordinner.com and click on the recipe tab.

Give pheasant a try and remember we'd love to hear how you're using it on your menu. If you're willing to share your idea, send it to [email protected] and we will add it to our recipes listed on our website at www.pheasantfordinner.com. Bon Appetit!

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