Our Feed Insurance Policy
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Our Feed Insurance Policy

Bill MacFarlane - bill@pheasant.com

I traveled with Brad Lillie this past January to attend the World Poultry Exposition in Atlanta. One of our most valuable stops we made was when we visited the Charm Sciences, Inc. booth. Charm Sciences provided information on rapid testing equipment for identifying the presence of individual myco-toxins in our feed. Over the last few years we have (as all gamebird raisers have) experienced the negative affect of myco-toxins, especially in our chicks and breeding flocks. Pheasants and chukar partridge are very susceptible to myco toxins, even at very minute levels. 
After quite a discussion here at our farm, the decision was made to spend the $4,000 to purchase a Charm myco-toxin testing machine. In March we began testing all feeds “on the spot” that enter our system for Aflatoxin, which is a common myco-toxin often found in moldy corn. The presence of Aflatoxin in our feed at a level of 5 parts per billion will lead to increased death loss and reduction of egg production and fertility. To put this in perspective, 5 parts per billion is equivalent to 5 grains of sand in a 50 pound bag. Aflatoxin is some pretty toxic stuff! 
Working with our feed suppliers, we have been able to reduce, or in most cases eliminate the presence of Aflatoxin in our feeds. On our farm this season we’ve seen better livability in our chicks and improvements with health and productivity in our breeder flock. The goal is to provide our birds with the best possible feed quality, and ultimately provide our customers with the healthiest birds possible. 
The $4,000 expenditure basically is an insurance policy to make sure we are using good feed for our pheasants.

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