New Position - Project Manager
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New Position - Project Manager

Ryan George -


There has been a growing list of projects on the farm and the need for someone to plan, budget, and oversee the projects was needed. The new position of Project Manager has been created which I have filled. The main summer project is to replace 16.5 acres of top netting that was damaged in the 2009 blizzard. It requires cutting down and removing the old netting, replacing numerous broken posts and stretching the new netting.

In April our farm was able to close on the purchase of an adjacent 60 acre farm and farmhouse, we call this our River Road farm. I am overseeing the remodeling of the interior of the River Road house, along with a new roof, exterior painting etc. On the River Road land I am coordinating the construction of a new 5.5 acre pen. On top of that we are concreting A rooms in the two 50' X 300' brooder barns that were built in 2005, and I am making sure that job gets done right. Also it's my job to negotiate the purchase of a composting machine this fall, and then get it set up and operating.


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