New Drug in the U.K. to Treat Disease due to Mycoplasma in Pheasants
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New Drug in the U.K. to Treat Disease due to Mycoplasma in Pheasants

Bill MacFarlane - [email protected]

The antibiotic product Aivlosin has been registered for use in pheasants by the European Medicines Agency, London. The report on a test of the efficacy of Aivlosin granules (which contains the active ingredient tylvalosin) given in the drinking water for 3 days to treat disease in pheasants due to mycoplasma compared to an un-medicated control group makes it clear from the results that a marked improvement was observed in the medicated compared to the un-medicated pheasants. The results were analysed statistically and showed that all parameters (nasal exudates, sinus swelling, watery eyes, conjunctivitis, and depression) were significantly improved. 

At the end of the study, at post-mortem examination, swabs were taken of the infraorbital sinus (a cavity below the eye) and from the surface of the eye from both medicated and un-medicated pheasants. These are the known locations of mycoplasma in the bird. Swabs were tested for the presence of the mycoplasma. Material was either cultured in special media, in order to try and grow the organism, or tested for the presence of mycoplasma DNA –using a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. Significantly less mycoplasma was recovered from the medicated pheasants compared to the unmedicated, showing that the reduction in clinical signs was linked to the reduction in mycoplasma present. 

In conclusion, the effectiveness of the product was clearly demonstrated. At our farm’s seminar in March 2012 we will have a U.K. Poultry Veterinarian speaking regarding his personal experience using this drug to treat mycoplasma in pheasants.


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