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Four Legged Bird Driving Co-Worker

Jed, our 5 year old Border Collie is a great asset to MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. He is now involved with our daily routine. From poults to adults, Jed is used to move birds. When it comes to driving birds, Jed is a big help.

Over time he has learned to follow our lead. As we form a line and drive, Jed will drive back and forth between each end person, keeping the birds moving. He is truly helpful at the end of the year when the birds become more stubborn to move, especially the Hungarian Partridge. The natural instinct of the birds to move along really kicks in when our four legged co-worker approaches. He does the work equivalent of two people. Once we have birds in the catch pen, Jed will lay down outside the door (with a little supervision) and watch while we crate the birds. When its time to get more birds, he's ready to go.

While we load the trucks Jed finds a safe place until we are done. Having a Border Collie has really benefited our crew. It cut down the amount of time spent on driving birds. It took time, consistent training and patience to get Jed where he is now, but well worth it. All Jed asks in return is to be included.

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