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Another Year of Successful Chick Shipping

With the 2005 chick season at an end, we are happy to say that we have had another successful season of shipping chicks through the United States Postal Service. We are always looking for new ways to ensure that our chicks make it to their destination safely. A few of the policies that we follow to ensure our chicks arrive healthy are using Nman in the boxes, attaching foam to the bottom of the boxes, and driving to the Minneapolis Post Office to ship the chicks.

Nman is a product that we place in boxes when the chicks will be traveling for over 24 hours. It is a gelatin type supplement that provides nutrition to the chicks while in transit. Though this is not put in all the boxes, we have seen great success with the use of this product in keeping the chicks in good condition.

Another policy that we have implemented is placing foam on the outside bottom of the boxes that will be sitting on the ground when the boxes are bundled. This provides insulation and prevents the chicks from getting overheated when being set on the loading docks, which can be over 100 degrees in the summer.

The most mentionable improvement we’ve made over the last couple of years is taking our chicks to the Minneapolis Post Office. Minneapolis is a hub for Northwest Airlines allowing us the best service possible when shipping day old chicks. Many of our chicks arrive to their destinations in less than 24 hours and all should arrive within 48 hours. We are very aware of the problems people are experiencing through out the United States when shipping live chicks. Our organization, along with many others, is fighting our hardest to make shipping more available to everyone. For more information on how you can help secure our right to ship birds through the postal service please visit the Bird Shippers of America website at

We will continue to do our best to get our chicks to our customers in an efficient, timely manner. This gives our chicks the best start they can receive and helps them grow into the superior pheasants you have come to expect from MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc.

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