Stewardship Of The Earth

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Conservation has always been a part of our core values. This is why it was so great that we have been recognized many times throughout the years for being a conservation leader in Rock County.

In 1999, MacFarlane’s was named Rock County’s outstanding conservation award winner. Outstanding conservation awards go to those farmers who complete 90 percent of their conservation plans.

At the time MacFarlane’s plant more than 1,000 acres. Since then we have discontinued to plant crops instead we rent out crop land to a local farmer under the agreement that he no-tills the land preventing erosion.

We currently have 35 acres enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). The Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) provides technical and financial assistance to eligible farmers and ranchers to address soil, water, and related natural resource concerns on their lands in an environmentally beneficial and cost-effective manner. \The Conservation Reserve Program reduces soil erosion, protects the Nation's ability to produce food and fiber, reduces sedimentation in streams and lakes, improves water quality, establishes wildlife habitat, and enhances forest and wetland resources. It encourages farmers to convert highly erodible cropland or other environmentally sensitive acreage to vegetative cover, such as tame or native grasses, wildlife plantings, trees, filter strips, or riparian buffers.