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What is Happening in MacFarlane’s Food Division?

On October 6, 2016 in Dressed by spope

We caught up with Shayne Noller, food products manager at MacFarlane Pheasants, to find out what is new and exciting in the Food Division, during fall 2016, He wanted to give a shout out to the staff currently working with him to fill orders and get ready for the holiday rush! So our first order of business is to thank Terey, Luz, Brenda, Cynthia, Nate, and Dave for their work in our food production room. We would not be able to fill all the orders without them. He then took the time to talk about the orders that come in during the holiday season.

Because businesses like Whole Foods are ramping up for the holidays, we are happy to say the food division is quite busy! The team is vigilant about filling orders as soon as they come in. Commercial companies order early to make sure they have their products ready for customers when the season begins and our commercial customers typically order 750+ pheasants at a time!  Dave is our shipping clerk and he is very busy getting our products packed and out the door.

Individual customers are also ordering whole pheasants, two or three at a time, pheasant brats, pheasant breasts and other tasty pheasant alternatives. We work just as hard to make sure their orders are ready for shipping right away.

Many people order gift packs. Folks like to get food items for their friends, but when they want their gift to be special they think of pheasant. Corporate gift packs for customers and employees are also very popular during the holiday season. The gift packs usually include a whole or smoked bird, nonperishable items like crackers, candy, jellies, coffee, dip mixes, soup mixes, or even MacFarlane merchandise like glassware or utensils. Shayne personally recommends the gifts packs because they are such a “unique and thoughtful gift.”

Gift packs, whole dressed birds, smoked birds, and so much more are ready for our customers. Visit to view our products and/or call 608-314-3448 with questions.

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