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We’re Building a New Hen Barn!

On February 2, 2017 in Barns by spope

We have been busy planning a second Hen Barn because our food products’ customers can’t get enough of our tasty, nutritious pheasant. Our White Pheasants are raised for our food division. Grocery store orders, restaurants who serve pheasant and our retail business are growing, so the bottom line is we need to raise more pheasants for our food division!

  • Our existing barn was built in the 1980’s.
  • Five years ago, we renovated this barn, increasing our capacity from 1000 to 2000 laying hens.
  • Now we need more space, so a new barn is being built and it will be sized to handle 1000 more laying hens, with room for expansion.
  • Certified Wick builders are building an Agricultural Pole building as our new barn.
  • Production birds bred in this barn will not hit the shelves as dressed pheasants until Thanksgiving 2017.
  • Planning for expansion is definitely not a speedy process.
  • Careful planning for our new barn and for expanded production is a long process but the benefit to our customers makes our investment well worth it.

Though we name the building our Hen Barn, we have to have some males to make the magic happen! The new barn will have 4 rooms including two male rooms, a hen room, and a brooding room. Eggs are sent to be hatched in our hatchery. We expect 3000 laying hens to produce 12,000 eggs per week. That will translate into lots of white pheasants for our food division and, ultimately, our customers.

This project has taken a great deal of planning and financial investment and it will take time before the new facility is up and running, but what a great problem to have. We have customers who are so happy with our pheasant meat products that they are asking for more! Watch our blog for pictures of our new barn as it moves toward completion.






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