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Water Sanitation in Hen Barns at MacFarlane Pheasants

On July 31, 2018 in Barns by MacFarlane Staff

We are using a water sanitation system in our hen barns and in barn 7 called AANE. AANE (Automated Activation Non-Electric) is a cost-efficient system that eliminates the need for manual mixing. The unit dilutes the activated concentrate and keeps the mixture consistent. It does not require electricity or wiring. Only one water connection is required to provide activation of the product. Basically, the system activates chlorine dioxide on demand and an adjustable proportioner called Dosatron. 

Essentially, this system puts the chemical into the lines as a solution to keep the lines clean and sanitary. We used to manually activate with a granular product, but the process creates a chlorine gas and we had to physically mix the product in a well- ventilated area. ProOxine, when used with the AANE system eliminates our need to constantly mix the product to keep our lines sanitized. ProOxine displays broad- spectrum antimicrobial activity and is proven effective against all major pathogens. 

Having this system installed removes the need to run a sanitizer between flocks. AANE increases efficiency by automatically refilling the solution reservoir with the fresh active product as needed, eliminating the need for measuring and the possibility of spills. 

The hen barn used it first. Then, the Production Palace was set up with the system. This is our first season using AANE in a production barn. Someday we may have this system on the whole farm. Only time will tell, but so far, we are quite satisfied!


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