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Time To Think About Started Birds For 2019!

On August 23, 2018 in Mature Birds by MacFarlane Staff

MacFarlane Pheasants ships out about 22,000 “started birds” each year. Started birds are our 6-week old pheasants that can be put directly into outdoor pens when they arrive.  They are perfect for the person who wants to grow pheasants but does not have the barn setup or time to raise chicks. This year, Started Bird Season, is coming to a close so it is time to think about orders for 2019.


Started birds can only be in the crates for 10 hours without food and water. This means that all orders have to be within 10 hours from our farm in Janesville, Wisconsin. Orders should be placed next in January to March 2019. Early orders help us to decide how many started birds we need to plan for the next season.


We begin delivering started birds in June, July, and August so if you would like to have 6-week old pheasants to raise in your pens, be sure to put your order in between January and March 2019. If you have questions about these birds or other birds we sell, please contact Sarah Baker at and be sure to visit our website often at to see what is new in the world of game birds.

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