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The MacFarlane Difference

On March 19, 2014 in General by spope

You do not get to be the best of anything by chance. It takes hard work, an elaborate amount of passion and expertise, and a team comprised of the best. Here at MacFarlane, this has been our formula for success.

For many, a workday takes place between the hours of 9-5. At a prosperous pheasant farm, this is not the case. We have learned that a great deal of care needs to take place not only during the day, but also at night, especially during the first few weeks of life. Around the clock, we are checking our pheasants to avoid piling, cannibalism, and just maintaining general temperature control issues. We go above and beyond industry standards.

We also provide our birds with state of the art facilities. Our breeder farm is located close to the main office, where eggs are collected up to 5 times a day and put through a delicate process to avoid any harmful bacteria. The brooding facilities mimic a comfortable environment had the birds just been born, and the hatchery is monitored so closely that the eggs are turned every half hour just as a hen would her eggs!

Our staff is made up of crews, which are closely supervised by their expert managers. For example, the Brooder Crew, led by Brian Davis, is responsible for the care of chicks up until around 6 weeks of age. At any given time during peak season, they can be responsible for the care of up to 70,000 birds. By allowing our employees to focus on their specific area, and work closely with other crews, we are able to produce exceptional quality birds.

Great care is taken to ensure that when you purchase a bird with the MacFarlane name, you are receiving only the highest quality. Read in one of our upcoming posts about how individualized care is given to each breed!
The MacFarlane Difference

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