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On December 9, 2009 in General by spope

We got smucked (if that’s a word) by the biggest snow storm in years.  Last night we had hours of steady, heavy wet snow.  There was even lightning and thunder.  With trepidation the crews came in this morning.  We had 35 people scheduled to work today and every single one of our employees showed up for work!!!

 We got 10” of wet snow.  Of course we put the pens down yesterday, but there was just too much snow for the netting to hold up.  And since the ground isn’t frozen yet, some of the sidewalls of pens tipped in.

 Not wanting to alarm our people any more than they probably are, I simply said to the assembled crew this morning, we have “a situation”.  The crews have worked all day just to try and get started on repairing the damage.  The work is taxing, cold and wet.  I heard not one complaint.  Everyone worked as a team.

 The snow is so heavy and wet; we can’t get any of the pens clear of snow, yet.  But we have a lot of cover in the pens, and the nets are being held up by the cover.  The birds are alive and well in their environment.

 Our Florida truck ran smack into the southern part of the same storm, lots of strong winds and even tornadoes were reported. Our truck had a tree limb fall on it as our guys were driving on the interstate in Alabama and the limb shattered the windshield right into the cab, onto our two drivers.  Talk about alarming!!   The guys (Gary and Mike) got the truck to the side of the road and stopped safely.   They were towed to the nearest Freightliner dealer and a new windshield was installed.  From the time of the accident til the guys were on their way to Florida again was less than 5 hours.  Our drivers are so awesome – they can handle situations like that quickly and efficiently, without panic.  Communication between our drivers, Art (the transportation manager) and Char in our office was impeccable. 

 Tomorrow is another day.

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