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Are you interested in raising pheasant chicks to maturity on your own farm? You won’t want to miss our excellent resource, The Insider’s Guide to Pheasant Rearing, where you’ll find tips and tricks to help you start preparing for an exciting pheasant raising adventure. Read More »

We have grown our catch pen reputation primarily on the sale of live pheasants and partridges to hunt clubs around the nation for release. Read More »

Are All Birds Created Equal?

On January 27, 2014 in General by spope

Rarely, if ever, do you hear, “Oh wow! You should come take a look at this two point buck I shot!” It just doesn’t happen. Read More »

Pheasants are quite aggressive animals, and during the age of 8 weeks up to 14 weeks pheasants act out their aggressiveness by picking on each other’s feathers. Read More »