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Starting Our New Season

On April 30, 2010 in General by spope

Our pen crew moved out 1000 of the first hatch birds this week. The chicks were hatched on March 2nd, which makes them just over eight weeks old already. The birds have been outside most of the week, so hopefully they will be OK with the big storm coming in tonight – we could have lot’s of rain – but the low is only going to be 58 degree’s which shouldn’t be an issue. We find that if it’s less than 55 degrees, we have a lot more problems when we have a night rain.

Our cover is up more than I can ever remember for this early in the season. I think we are at least 2 weeks ahead, maybe more – of the amount of cover we would normally have for the end of April. Better cover and moderate temperatures have been a blessing for us – it makes all aspects of the pheasant farm run better.

I have “MacFarlane Pheasants” on a google alert system, and when google sees our farm mentioned somewhere online, I get an email with the link. A few weeks ago I got a google alert about a farm out in Oregon that said they used our birds and liked our birds. So I followed the link and looked at their webpage and they have posted this awesome testimonial about our farm. I really felt good about it – and want to share it with all of you. Here is the link

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