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Promoting our Food Products Business

On October 12, 2009 in Archive by spope

Our Food Product business is going better than expected.   We just were awarded a contract with a large cruise line – thousands and thousands of pounds of product were ordered.  Selling dressed pheasants can be frustrating – we don’t want our product to be considered a commodity – yet many people look at any type of meat just that way.  We have put so much effort into the management of our white pheasants – the white birds diet is so awesome (no animal by-products – an all vegetable diet!), and we run our birds at a lower density (sq ft per bird) than any other producer we know of.  We have made huge strides genetically in our white pheasants – they have WAY more breast meat than even just a few years ago.  We want to communicate to all potential customers all the attributes of our pheasants that we sell processed.  We have a facebook page for the farm, and we are making multiple postings there – mostly about our food product division and our white pheasants.  We want to get the word out to as many chefs as possible about the availability of our dressed pheasants, and get them info on preparing pheasant.

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