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On March 12, 2011 in General by spope

We have seven brooder barns that we use to start out our baby pheasants and partridges. One of the barns (Barn #5) was originally built to be a crate building, i.e. a building where we can store all of our crates (we have nearly 2,000 bird hauling crates in inventory). A few years ago we pressed the crate building into service as a brooder barn. When we first used Barn #5 for chicks – we installed rather rudimentary equipment, as our thought process was we would only use the barn for that season. Now that we see that Barn #5 has been used every year – Troy put in a Purchase Order for new heavy use fans and intake shutters. The equipment just got installed and on Monday (3/14/11) 5,000 baby ringnecks will call this barn home. Read more about our brooder barns

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