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On March 18, 2011 in General by spope

We have been trying to find a way to boost our retail store sales. Since Interstate 90 is just two miles from our farm (our farm is at the corner of Highway 11 U.S. Hwy 51), we have always dreamed of getting some of those Illinois visitors to know about and then stop at our store. Renting a billboard is quite expensive so we looked for alternatives.


The Wisconsin Department of Transportation farms out the informational signs that are by every exit – for gasoline, lodging, meals and attractions. We found out we qualified under the “attraction” category and we applied and were approved. The picture is of our new sign – I am very proud of how well it stands out.

I can’t say customers have been coming to our store in droves since the sign went up, but the sign is very noticeable and I am sure the sign will boost sales. To see the sign more clearly, click on the picture.

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