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On April 13, 2011 in General by spope

Last week our pen manager, Brian Klein was lamenting to me about the amount of work he saw on the nearby horizon for his crew. Brian is still overseeing 2,500 pheasants that need to be delivered in the next few weeks and he has multiple flocks of 6+ week old birds ready to go into the pens starting next week.

Brian’s response to the big jobs facing him was to get together a crew on this past Saturday and just blitz as much as he could at our Noss Road farm. Brian’s text to me was “7 guys, 2 kabotas, 1 gator, sleds, 2 tractor/trailers, 7 hours. Cleaned out all of noss except nine pens that have birds!” Brian brought a grill and cooked lunch for his crew. At the end of the day the amount of work accomplished was tremendous.

I am really proud of Brian and his crew. The attached pictures are of the crew from the big day.

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