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On November 17, 2011 in General by spope

We have just been through the two most intensive shipping months yet. The demand for pheasants has been great, and our trucks have been on the road most of the time. We own four tractor/trailer rigs and we had several seven full loads go out in one week. What that means is that three of our rigs went on two overnight (plus) deliveries in one week.


So the reason I took the picture above is that today is rare in that I can see several rigs parked outside my office. This week we have just four full loads going, plus all our local runs. We have two, maybe three full loads scheduled for next week.

We have shipped 60% of the adult pheasants in three months and now will have four months to ship the remaining 40%. We are happy about the fact shipping has gone so well for several reasons. One reason is its far better to be hauling the birds when the roads are dry and safer (vs. blizzards, black ice, etc.). Another reason is with commodity prices so high, the sooner we get the birds off the farm the better.

The weather this fall has been awesome, demand for birds has been great, and we’ve had few equipment breakdowns. It’s been a good fall season for our farm.


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