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On August 23, 2012 in General by spope

We’ve begun delivering our mature pheasants and partridges. Our season will run into mid April 2013. Last week we shipped our first ever full load of 7500 French Redleg partridges. We imported the hatching eggs from our supplier in France, incubated and hatched the eggs, raised the birds (with minimal loss) and delivered the best looking and healthy mature Redlegs to our customer. Of the 7500 crated at our farm, 7497 were delivered live. Wow!!!


This week our pheasant deliveries have begun in earnest. We quantify overnight deliveries as “gooseneck loads”. A gooseneck holds (depending on whether its more hens or more cocks) anywhere from 2500 mature pheasants up to 4000 adult pheasants. This week we are shipping 6 full goosenecks of birds. Next week we have 7 full loads booked.

As we are able to ship mature birds off our farm, pen space is opened up for our last hatches of pheasants. So our pen crews not only are busy shipping, but busy moving out birds from the barns into the pens. It’s a very busy time.

Our hatchery crew is helping out the pen crew for the next month, but then will be actively diving into the task of selecting our 2013 breeder flock.

August and September can be a very rewarding time of year, not only our heat wave will disappear, but the product of our labor over the past months will be evident as we deliver our birds.

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