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On October 9, 2014 in General by spope

The mature bird season is now in full swing and we are busy delivering mature pheasants and partridges to our customers. We believe we have orders for the birds we have raised. The concern is that the weather stays reasonable through early December, i.e. no significant snowfall especially in South Dakota.


The word from South Dakota is there are still diminished wild populations, which makes sense as how could the bird numbers increase significantly in just one season. If we have good weather from now til early December we will ship over 60% of the birds we’ve raised.

The other factors most affecting pheasant sales are the economy and whether people will spend their discretionary income on going pheasant hunting. The word we hear from the lodges we supply (especially in South Dakota) is that their bookings are up from a year ago.

We still have thousands of birds “backed up” in the barns, so we hope to ship lots of mature birds out in the next two weeks, making room for the barn birds. How the next 6 weeks progress will be a major factor in determining if this season will be a success.

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