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On October 27, 2014 in General by spope

October has been busy! In fact, when it comes to shipping adult birds, we have had our two busiest weeks of the year.  We were sending drivers all over the United States, from a 1,900 mile trip to Condon, Oregon, to an 800 mile trip to Fort Worth, Texas, with many deliveries in between.  We also drove over 1100 miles to Quebec, Canada!As you can imagine, there is a lot of prep work that goes into making these trips happen.  We utilize five of our own trucks and trailers, plus, during the busy weeks, we rent an additional one. Our trucks are making multiple trips during these busy weeks. Three of them each went out three times during the week of October 5th alone! That week, we made 8 gooseneck deliveries delivering over 35,000 birds (that doesn’t include our straight truck shipments).  There were over 24,000 pheasants and roughly 10,700 partridges.

The following week  we were still in our shipping prime, but just under the previous week’s numbers, coming in at just over 30,000 birds. During that week, we shipped out 28,000 pheasants and 2,100 partridges, again with 8 gooseneck deliveries plus straight trucks. There was a lot of ground to cover!

Our farm regularly employs four full-time drivers, and hires an additional four seasonal drivers each year. We also have four full-time farm employees that will drive for us during our peak season.  At any given time, you may find yourself following a Macfarlane Pheasants’ road trip!

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