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On January 14, 2016 in Mature Birds by spope

Delivering healthy birds at a reasonable price has become second nature to our staff, but it is a detailed endeavor like everything else in the pheasant business. We can’t transport 6,000–7,500 birds across the United States and Canada without giving careful thought to how much it will cost. Every delivery we set up has been carefully laid out on excel spreadsheets and many factors are analyzed.

Here are some of the factors we consider:

  • Exact location(s)
  • How many stops will we make?
  • Is more than one customer located in the same area?
  • Can we coordinate deliveries to cut costs? (Multiple customers on the same load can reduce costs for all.)
  • Minimum delivery cost variables. (If we are going to the same area and have room we might be able to accept a 200-bird minimum for a specific buyer on the same route.)
  • Is this the only customer in a specific area? (Single customers will need to take a full load of birds or pay significant delivery costs.)
  • What is the current price of fuel?

We combine loads to give our customers better pricing whenever possible. It may mean a little more work, as we have to load trucks in the order they are going to be unloaded. We also need to carefully balance costs for the customer and our costs for delivery; truck maintenance, gas costs, crates for shipping birds, crating birds, and staffing for all of the related tasks are costs we have to take into consideration. But our customers are our reason for existence, and it is a priority for us to provide a variety of alternatives for getting our gamebirds delivered.

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 Calculating the cost of delivering mature birds

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