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On January 31, 2019 in General by spope

The last few days in the Midwest have been snowy and freezing cold! Temperatures have been breaking windchill records with air temperatures in the - 20’s and windchills at up to -50+ in Janesville and Milton, Wisconsin. Obviously, folks at MacFarlane Pheasants in both Milton and Janesville have been on high alert. Thousands of mature pheasants live in outside pens awaiting shipment to customers all over the United States. All is well on our farms. Our hearty birds are wired for the cold and our experienced crews know how to provide them with the extra boosts needed to ensure their safety. In addition to checking on our pheasants at first light every day and again at the end of each day we add some tasks to the routine.


•   We added fiber cloth and in some cases panels, on the fencing in areas of our pens that might be particularly windy.

•   Extra straw bales have been added to provide additional shelter.

•   High energy corn has been added to the pens as well as the regular continuous feed set up throughout the pens.

•   Snow cover is the perfect condition for keeping birds hydrated so that is one area we don’t have to worry about right now.


We have been checking on our birds regularly since implementing our cold weather plans and are happy to say that we have seen them, fluffing their protective feathers and hunkering down during the coldest parts of the day. During other wellness checks, they have been up and eating heartily. The high energy corn is a particularly important boost to the pheasants’ well-being because extra calories are important to all animals living in cold conditions. Pheasants are tough birds and they know instinctively how to weather the cold!


Our pheasants are looking really beautiful right now because the sunshine that came along with the cold seemed to brighten their already stunning colors. We hope you will enjoy the pictures we are posting with this article and see how well MacFarlane pheasants have adapted to the deep freeze.


Owner, Bill MacFarlane is thankful for the heartiness of the pheasants on his farm and for the men and women who have braved the cold, like farmers everywhere, to make sure the birds are safe.


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