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The intern program at MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. has been in operation for many years. Interns come from near and far to learn about the pheasant business. Our office interns are from various colleges throughout Wisconsin. Other interns work directly with the birds and come from the Midwest Poultry Consortium Center of Excellence (COE) and Kansas State University.

Department managers take on the responsibility of assigning duties, and staff from each department helps to train the interns. Our staff is dedicated to giving each intern the opportunity to learn as much as possible about the game bird business while they are with us. Kansas State University interns stay with us 2-7 months as part of their school program and COE students stay 6-8 weeks.

Trudy DeRemer, who can be contacted at, is in charge of the intern program. She says that one of the most important parts of her job, working with interns, is rotating the interns so that each person gets enough individual time with a manager before another intern starts in that department. Managers and their crews try to provide the best possible training/learning situations for each intern, whether they will be joining us for 6 weeks or 7 months.

This summer we will have 5 interns on the farm. One intern will be in the office and 4 will be working on the farm. Keagan Strange and Madison Demel, Kansas State University have already started their internships. Kaicie Chasten and Mitchell Ramuta are from COE and will start in June and July respectively. Our office intern is Kaitlyn Bobolz and is from UW Platteville.

Watch for interviews with our interns over the next couple of weeks!


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