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On June 28, 2016 in General by spope

One of the major goals of technology is to make sending and receiving information easy and efficient. We often forget there is someone behind the scenes who makes sure the internet stays running, backs up and reboots the system, keeps everything running smoothly and is the main contact to the IT company we use.

Rachel Atherton is responsible for Information Technology (IT) on our farm. The responsibilities are varied and Rachel will be the first to tell you that variability is what makes the job so interesting. She helps fix computer issues and teaches people quick ways to use programs that make their communication needs easier to accomplish. She is self-taught, but credits her college experience and a previous job with helping to prepare her for her current responsibilities.

Rachel indicated that she really enjoys information technology and problem solving. The combination of enjoyment for the work and the ability to problem solve are key attributes in the technology department.  Let’s take a look at some of the tasks that are part of her responsibilities.

 Job Responsibilities

  • Ordering computers that meet our business needs
  • Working with the IT company, Startech, to get employee accounts set up
  • Making sure employee computers are set up correctly and connected to the internet
  • Making sure employee computers are on the network and connected to a printer
  • Setting up phone extensions and assigning phone information, using a website
  • Working with Startech to activate employee phone extensions
  • Assigning email addresses through Startech
  • Assisting employees in accessing their email directly and through their cell phones
  • Problem solving when equipment isn’t working correctly

In addition to the IT responsibilities, Rachel works with Foremost, the company that handles our website. With their assistance, she gets our articles posted to the blogs. If you have questions about information technology at MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc., please feel free to email Rachel at  We always enjoy hearing from you!

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