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Workrooms are the rooms we enter before the bird rooms. Each crew member has dedicated coveralls and dedicated footwear for each bird room they enter. A water bath outside the room is used to clean mud from shoes and there is a soap mat inside to disinfect footwear before you enter the workroom. A bench is located outside the bird room to separate it from incoming traffic.

Rooms must be swept and organized daily. Right after we finish chores in a bird room we start the process of tidying up. This includes changing the footpath and mat. Once a week, we scrub, clean up any cobwebs, and clean off the control panels. When switching flocks, the rooms are completely cleaned and disinfected.

The workroom procedures are one of the many ways we prevent the possibility of disease. We have talked about biosecurity in many different situations on the farm. The use of the workroom before entering the barns is the safety precaution we take so that our employees don’t bring a virus in on their clothes or shoes.

Kristin Merriman, at would be glad to talk with you about our workrooms. If you have questions about how to keep your birds free from disease by providing a workroom for caretakers, please email her.


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