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Kaicie Chasteen is completing a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science with an emphasis on beef cattle, a focus on poultry and a minor in fisheries and aquatic sciences. This impressive program demonstrates her focus and determination. She is a proud senior at the University of Florida, which by the way, is Florida’s land-grant university, established by the Morrill Act signed into law by Abraham Lincoln in 1862. Kaicie provided us with that bit of history and it was interesting to follow up on the Morrill Act.

Kaicie also spent two months this summer, as an intern at MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc.

It was an exciting 17 hour drive from Kaicie’s hometown in North Florida on the day she came to Janesville to begin her internship!  After a bit of rest, she started a whirlwind of training, ending up working in almost every department. This is an important feature of the internship program on our farm. We try to make sure our interns get a wide range of experiences. Kaicie started in the hatchery and went on to the hen barn, the catch crew, bird care, food processing and finally the office!

We all  enjoyed her sense of humor. When asked what valuable lessons she had learned on the farm, she responded with, “Never take a chile pepper from someone unless you are fully prepared to eat it with everyone watching.” I didn’t ask for follow up details as my sinuses were burning, just thinking about it!

More seriously though, Kaicie feels that the skills she learned in each department will help her achieve success in her chosen career. She is very appreciative of all the managers and employees, who she described as “great,” because of their willingness to show her how to do things and to answer questions. It is an awesome feeling to know Kaicie saw that we were serious about providing a learning experience that will make a difference in her future and the future of the game bird industry.

In addition to the farm experience, Kaicie was able to learn about Wisconsin. She got to visit the Dells, Devil’s Lake, The Wisconsin State Fair, The Rock County Fair, Milwaukee, and Lake Michigan, as well as partake in many other activities.

Thanks for joining us Kaicie. We wish you the very best as you graduate from college in December and move into the world of work!








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