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On September 28, 2016 in Mature Birds by spope

The Afghan-Whitewing Pheasant differs from other pheasants on our farm:

  • The eyes of an Afghan Pheasant are distinctly yellow with a black pupil (most pheasants have dark eyes).
  • The coverlids (feathers that cover the shoulders) of the Afghan Pheasant are white.
  • The body color of the Afghan Pheasant is rust colored and they do not have a ring around their necks.
  • The temperament and body stance of the Afghan Pheasant, in addition to their distinctive coloring, are features that separate them from other pheasants. They stand tall and alert, giving off the impression that they know everything you might be thinking!
  • The speed of the Afghan Pheasant is exceptional.

Afghans are raised on our farm in the same manner as Ringneck Pheasants. They require a perfectly washed and sanitized barn after hatching. They stay in Room A with feed and nipple waterers until 3 weeks and are then moved to Room B with feed troughs and Plasson Bell Waterers until they are 7 weeks old. At that time they are moved outside to covered pens. All of our pheasants are checked three times a day during the early stages to make sure they are healthy and that all equipment is working correctly.

We are raising about 1000 Afghans a year right now. If you would like to know more about our Afghan Pheasants, please contact You can read about all of the other birds we offer at MacFarlane Pheasants on our website.


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