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On December 11, 2018 in General by spope

MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc sent five employees on December 4, 2018, to attend the Blackhawk Technical School presentation of Pheasant Chasseur and other delightful foods at “The Armory” in Janesville, Wi. In our last article, we gave you the original recipe developed by Chef Joe Wollinger and his students. Today, we want to share our joy in seeing MacFarlane pheasant prepared and served with elegant and delicious sides by this talented group of student chefs, led by Chef Joe.


Tables were set exquisitely and we each chose water, tea, or soda before our orders were taken. The MacFarlane group all chose the pheasant dish. We enjoyed cranberry/nut muffins while we waited for our main meal. It didn’t take long before Pheasant Chasseur was served with sides of tiny potatoes and vegetables and a side of locally grown mixed vegetables.


Chef Joe visited each table to make sure guests were happy with their food and to thank guests for attending. We were delighted with our food and quite surprised to be treated to coffee and a yummy apple cake with bourbon sauce at the end of our luncheon!


The event ended with the introduction of the student chefs and much applause from guests. It was such a pleasure for us to see future chefs preparing our pheasant in new and exciting ways. Remember, if you would like to try this pheasant recipe it is posted on our blog with many other tried and true recipes! Enjoy.

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