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On January 25, 2017 in General by spope

Celebrate the Reactivation of Game Bird Forum! has been reactivated. Due to so much interest in the game bird industry we are up and running again for 2017! It is your “go to” site for asking questions and getting answers from other game bird experts.

We will still answer questions you leave on our Facebook page or on our contact form but the Game Bird Forum is a special forum where anyone in the industry, from anywhere in the world, can ask questions and get answers. Wisconsin is a completely different environment than other locations. Think of how much you can learn from interacting with other game bird folks who know about your specific locale!

We are excited to give folks in the game bird industry a chance to talk to each other. We currently have 4 categories listed on the site.

  1. Breeding, Incubation, and Hatching
  2. Brooding
  3. Feed, Health Care, and Misc.
  4. Rearing Outdoors

Sample Question and Answer

incubating grey partridge eggs

My grey partridge eggs have taken 26 days to hatch. I could blame this on my incubator, but I did put sixty eggs under broodies and these have taken just as long. Why is this I wonder? We have had terrible rain storms over the last three weeks and the temperature is well below average. I was hoping to raise the chicks using broodies, since they are much better parents when released, but my hens are buff orpingtons and are just too clumsy. I even had one hen decide the chicks would make a good meal. A terrible return from 138 eggs, just 39 managed to make the first day. I think day olds are the way forward.

Re: incubating grey partridge eggs

Usually Grey partridge have very good hatching rates. They should hatch at about 24 days, so 26 days isn't really that bad. How old were the eggs when you put them into the incubator? What was the temperature you were running your incubator at? This may have an effect because Grey Partridge have a BETTER hatch rate when held for 14 days or more, than when they are just lain. I have set partridge eggs that were 30 days old and had a 90% hatch rate. Incubator run at 99 degrees Fahrenheit and 51% humidity. It's always a good idea to have a mercury thermometer that stays inside the incubator to double check the temperature. A lot can happen in that 24 day period.

This is meant to be YOUR forum so feel free to talk to us about topics that you want to see. We only shared one question and answer, so be sure to visit to read the many questions and answers that have already posted or to ask and answer a question. Let your inner expert out!

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