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Our managers and employees at MacFarlane Pheasants are highly trained and experienced with all facets of pheasants care. They all contribute information, used by our customers, to care for game birds they purchase for their own game bird operations. This information comes to you in the form of manuals and being available to answer questions if you contact us.

Our latest manual is called, The Complete Flight Pen Construction Manual. You can learn how to choose and prepare your site, how to build the pens, build the gates and where to find the products. Diagrams of the parts needed to build your pens and specific instructions about how to decide on the size are included. The instructions are very specific, but if you have questions, just give us a call. We are a dealer for some of the products you might need, but we have also provided, in our manual, phone numbers and emails of vendors who deal with the products you will need to build your flight pen.

Other manuals you might like to download are listed below. These are all free and filled with tips, techniques and explanations about why certain procedures are necessary.

Set up and Care for Adult Birds Manual contains lots of information about how to get ready for a delivery and how to care for your birds after you get them.

The Inside Guide to Pheasant Rearing offers insight into what it takes to run a successful game bird farm.

Raising Tips  is a guide we developed to explain how to prep for deliveries and raise your pheasants.

We encourage you to download these manuals and take advantage of the experiences and knowledge our employees have to share with you. Feel free to call us at 608-757-7881 or contact us on our website.
















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