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On April 4, 2017 in General by spope

MacFarlane Pheasants continues to grow technologically. Our pheasant company has been in business 88 years, so the advancements in technology, since that time, are astronomical! We made a decision to purchase an electronic logging device for our trucks and have it implemented no later than December, 2017. These new devices are like an I pad that is connected directly into a delivery truck’s engine monitoring system and they make it possible for the driver to monitor the hours spent on the road electronically. In addition to that very important function, we are looking for a system that may also include a phone and a GPS system. 

We haven’t yet purchased this device, but are exploring all the available technologies. Though we hope to purchase an electronic logging device with multiple functions, the “must have” function is a log book app. It will make the paper log books obsolete and help assure our drivers and our company that federal driving laws are specifically followed! 

The current law says that as soon as you start your pre-trip you have 14 hours to be on duty before you are required to shut down for a 10 hour break. You cannot drive more than 11 hours in a 24 hour period. The apps we are researching have a computer generated log book. Drivers enter information about driving and not driving. The apps automatically calculate hours of work and make it easy for our drivers to follow federal law, regarding how many hours they can be on the road. 

Art Schumacher ( is our head maintenance man and he is quite excited about getting this device installed and ready to go. He would be happy to share his knowledge about this new technology, so feel free to e-mail him. 







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