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On May 2, 2017 in General by spope

We are renting a new machine from UW Madison called the Aeromaster PT-120 Compost Turner. Now that is a mouthful of words! This new machine works strictly in an aerobic process. We can inoculate the decomposing material with many strains of bacteria to build up the humus crumb.  In other words, we expect our compost material to revert back to environmentally friendly dirt!

Here is what it does.

  • Removes carbon dioxide and replaces it with oxygen to allow for the breakdown of organic matter
  • Manages temperature by removing excess heat and allows the wind-rows to continue the breakdown of organic matter into compost
  • Mixes without pulverizing-the turning process must mix the material exposing particle surfaces to moisture and microbes without turning the material to dust.
  • The compost turner thoroughly mixes wind-row materials without pulverizing the humus crumb structure that develops during the build-up phase of the composting process
  • Allows a one-man operation with operator control from the cab
  • Mixes and blends composted materials by moving the perimeter materials to the center and center materials to the outside of the wind-rows.

Here is how we prepare.

  • We create wind-rows approximately 4 feet high and 4 feet wide.
  • The rows are made up of used bedding that is cleaned out of the chick barns.
  • Once a week the wind-rows are turned.

This equipment is brand new to us so we are excited about following the process of our decomposing material and using a process that is environmentally friendly. MacFarlane Pheasants is committed to being responsible users and protectors of the environment.


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