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On June 20, 2017 in General by spope

The Hen Barn has a manure gutter clean out shoot. I know that doesn’t sound all that exciting but if you have problems with your gutters, it can be an exciting mess that no-one enjoys cleaning up! The manure gutter chain runs through the barn to the outside where the manure is dropped into the manure spreader. When it works well, it is a good system for removing waste from the barn.

We were running into issues every time it rained, though. The water would collect in the gutters, making it hard to get the manure out. The water would mix with the manure and create a very wet manure that would not catch on the chains. That was a problem in need of a solution.

Our winter time problem was snow blowing in and melting when it was inside the barn and freezing when it got really cold. Once it would freeze, we would have to chip the ice out of the gutter, before we could turn the chains on to get the manure out of the barn. We also had issues with too much cold air coming into Room A where we wanted the temperature at 100 degrees for the chicks.

Now, here was the solution. We decided we needed a cover on the outside. I’m not sure who came up with the idea for calling our solution the Dog House but that became its name. This was a cover we put on the manure gutter clean out shoots. It has saved employees some valuable time and  kept some of the cold air out of the barn so our heaters could more effectively warm our chicks. So, that is why dog houses aren’t just for dogs at MacFarlane Pheasants!

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