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On September 8, 2017 in Mature Birds by spope

We have begun shipping pheasants, French partridges, Hungarian partridges, and Chukar partridges from MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. for the season lasting from the middle of August until March of 2018. Our drivers have already traveled to Canada, Montana, South Dakota, Idaho, and Colorado since the middle of August and we are just getting started! By the end of the season, drivers will have also delivered to Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Washington, North Dakota, Wyoming, Illinois, Kentucky, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Minnesota, and Michigan. During the first week of September local customers can bring their own crates or use our cardboard boxes to pick up birds, as long as they place an order 72 hour in advance. It really is an exciting time around the farm!

We have already shipped about 100,000 birds, this year. This includes 44,000 started birds (six weeks old).  Started birds are only delivered within 8 hours of the farm.  Just to give you some idea of the magnitude of our deliveries, we can transport as many as 5000 birds in the semi we rent. It takes this much space to fill the orders from private property owners, hunting preserves, and naturalists who release our birds into the wild to repopulate an area.

Keep in mind that a spring order is recommended for the fall season in order to ensure that you get the number of birds and breeds you want. Once it gets closer to the season we call our customers to confirm the delivery date. Our coordinator schedules trucks, drivers, gets all required paperwork ready, and calls the customer to confirm the delivery date in late summer. Details of the delivery are discussed in detail with our customers so they are ready for their game birds. Every year the long cycle of bird delivery follows a similar pattern, but the season also feels brand new each year as it starts over. Delivering birds means life is good at MacFarlane Pheasants.

Please contact Sarah Baker at or call us at 608-314-3461 for questions about ordering game birds or getting ready for your delivery!


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