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  • This past chick season, we raised 2.4 million chicks between March and August. 600,000 chicks were kept on the farm and raised to maturity to meet the needs of hunt clubs, individuals, and government agencies. The rest were sold as day-old chicks to folks who wanted to raise their own game birds.
  • The variety of breeds we sell are Ringneck, Extra Large Ringneck, Manchurian Cross, Chukar Redleg, Melanistic Mutant, and Kansas.
  • In addition to this astounding number of chicks, we will raise an additional 200,000 or more white pheasants for our Food Division at MacFarlane Pheasants Inc. Hatching chicks, caring for them, and raising so many of them to maturity is a year-round adventure for us.
  • The white pheasant chicks are raised to maturity to meet the needs of grocery stores and restaurants who sell or serve our Pheasant. You can also purchase a variety of pheasant meat at our retail store in Janesville, WI. MacFarlane Pheasants’ Food Division has expanded due to our global networking and change of sales methods. Our pheasant is widely known as delicious, nutritious, and a unique replacement for center of the plate protein.
  • Once the chick season ends in August, Bill MacFarlane, April Goble, and the other managers begin planning next year’s chick season. This includes, but is not limited to, setting prices, projecting sales, and developing the new catalog.
  • Watch for the new 2018 chick catalog and prepare to order your favorite chicks! If you are on our list, we’ll send you a copy via mail. If you are interested in receiving a catalog or have chick questions, just call us at 800.345.8348 and ask for April!






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