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Dillon Seamster has worked at MacFarlane Pheasants for a little over three years. He started out as a crew lead with the Pen Crew. As a crew lead, Dillon was required to learn all of the paperwork related to his job and also how to run full crews for an entire shift. He attributes his training and experience for helping him to develop his people skills and learning how to keep everything moving forward in a positive manner. One of the positive moves forward for Dillon is that he recently became the manager of the Pen Crew. 

As the manager of the Pen Crew, Dillon’s job entails delegating the breakdown of the crews and assisting in catching birds for customers. An important element of this job is ensuring that only the highest quality birds are caught for customers. After the main shipping season winds down, Dillon’s crew shifts their focus to placing blinders on the young birds and moving them out to the freshly prepared pens. 

He applied at MacFarlane Pheasants at the encouragement of a former employee. It turned out to be a very good decision! His advancement is an example what a good fit Dillon has been for the farm. 

Dillon graduated from high school in Newport, North Carolina, where his entire family still lives.The family is very important to Dillon and he stated emphatically that he wouldn’t be who he is today if not for them! In fact, when he was asked who was most influential in his life he said it was his dad because his dad led by example and taught him many important skills and attitudes. 

Dillon likes to be productive at work and in his free time. He likes to go to the gym, when he’s not working, work on car audio, and collect old and foreign currency. 

Dillon concluded his interview by sharing that for him “the best part of working at Macfarlane Pheasants is definitely the people.”








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