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On April 24, 2014 in General by spope

You call MacFarlane Pheasants, and we answer. Here at the farm, our five gals in the main office are ninjas when it comes to customer support and service, and they’re ready to help you with whatever pheasant questions you have.

The most common questions during this point in the year are not how to take care of chicks, but how much they cost. For that, we’ve released out 2014 Chick Brochure (, which breaks down the prices per chick based on the quantity you want, along with all kinds of tips and FAQs. Most often when a customer calls us asking for a price quote, we’ll give them the amount for fifty of our popular Chinese Ringneck chicks. But sometimes it’s just nice to hold something in your hands, so for that, we’re ready to mail off one of our print brochures on a moment’s notice. We’ll probably offer it, but if it slips our mind, just ask. At MacFarlane, the postman rings the first time.

Our command center’s busy seasons are March through July, which we dub “Chick World,” and then the fall, where the bulk of what we receive is mature bird queries. And then there’s the holiday gift-giving season, when we field a ton of gift pack ideas. Because you know what’s tasty on the Christmas table? Pheasant for dinner ( Our office gets busier and busier every year as more people learn about how tasty and healthy pheasant can be for their special meals.
Pheasants On The Phone
Sure, we’re most often asked how much our birds cost over the phone. But it’s not exclusive. If there are questions you have on the finer points of husbandry, consider us a library for all things pheasant. Customer support doesn’t stop at the sale, and our staff is always accessible to make sure your chicks grow into strong, robust gamebirds by the fall hunting season.

No doubt about it: good customer service can require staying late and coming in early, and in the heat of our busy seasons, our girls all work longer hours than usual. But we’re only as good as our staff, so every now and again we say thanks by buying them lunch from local restaurants like Fuji (, a sushi restaurant. Maybe we should do that again soon.

Pheasant hunting and husbandry isn’t so much about the birds as it is about the memories around it. That’s why at MacFarlane Pheasants we’ve beefed up our customer service to make sure you have the best experience possible. Try us out. We’re just a phone call away.

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