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Pheasant Chicks and the MacFarlane Guarantee

On July 7, 2014 in Chicks by spope

With day-old pheasant chicks, time is of the essence. MacFarlane Pheasants hatches over one million baby birds each year, and to us the most important thing is that they reach you, our customer, without delay so that they can mature for your fall hunts. But even when we’ve done everything right, sometimes things can still go wrong. For that, our customer service bridges the gap to make sure you receive satisfaction.

Pheasant chicks are delicate, and when shipping them across the country, we have a strict two-day policy for transit that the USPS guarantees. We also pack all our chicks with clear instructions on the box for handlers: don’t leave them in prolonged exposure to direct sun or wind. But these things still occasionally happen to less than one percent of our chick orders, so we have clear protocols set in place to make sure you’re compensated should above-average loss occur.

All pheasant chick orders include a complementary five percent extra—some mortality will occur, but it averages around three percent, meaning you end up with more birds than you ordered. But for losses greater than five percent, or for losses in the first five days (when our experience has shown stressed chicks are likely to succumb), we include a postage-paid report card affixed to one of the boxes.

The report card is our number one method of customer feedback. We ask that you monitor your chicks in the first five days and note the mortality, then send it in. Our office staff evaluates the cards, and if you’ve expressed concern over your losses, or if they’re higher than our five percent overfill, then we automatically follow up with a phone call—and fast.

If you’re dissatisfied with the mortality, we then work closely with you to resolve the issue. Whether you’d like immediate replacement rushed to your door or a credit for next season, we go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied not only with your chicks, but with MacFarlane Pheasants. And if you want a real, live person to talk to, our office staff is also available by phone at (800) 345-8348.

We’ve been shipping pheasant chicks through the post since 1955, and the lion’s share arrive healthy and happy. But for those that don’t, we guarantee that we’ll replace them at no cost to you. Over 95% of our mature bird buyers are repeat business, and we have an almost equally high repeat business for our pheasant chick buyers. But a guarantee is only as good as the company that’s behind it, and in the U.S., MacFarlane Pheasants is number one.

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