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Our Pheasant Management Seminar Is Just Days Away

On March 1, 2012 in General by spope

Our 2012 Pheasant Management Seminar is just a few days away. We have 76 paid participants which is awesome! With speakers and employees we will have 123 people at our opening night dinner this Sunday night.

There has been a lot of planning and preparation for the seminar. We advertised the seminar in the U.K. and were successful in getting 21 people to sign up. Those 21 will be flying into O’Hare this Saturday. We also have 2 attendees from France, 2 from China and 1 from Peru.

It’s wet and dreary here, in the 30’s and 40’s but next week we will be in the 50’s with a predicted high of 59 degrees on Tuesday. The farm doesn’t look its best when the frost is coming out of the ground and the roads are all torn up, but the temperature is a plus for us.

I have really tried to include all our staff in the process this year and we have had a series of meetings with the staff so they hopefully feel included. All of our staff are coming to lunch at the seminar hotel on Tuesday. Many of our staff are attending one or two dinners too.

The seminar concludes next Wednesday night, but then on Thursday we’ll be taking the U.K. contingent (and the 2 people from France) down to Chicago to Cabella’s and then staying the night in Chicago. Friday the group departs from O’Hare for home.

I’ll get some pictures taken of the seminar so I can post those pictures on the blog soon.

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