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On November 7, 2010 in General by spope

It’s been a few weeks since I posted to my blog.  I will try and write about as much as I can that has happened in those few weeks.

Our office staff hosted a Tantalize Your Tastebuds tasting event at our store on Saturday (11/6) and Dori and I dropped by and there were a lot of people there!  Our staff were preparing and serving all sorts of different dishes and meats – and I think they sold a lot of product.  It was good.

Our farm is now selling our own version of the pheasant pot pie.  Our first run was 1,000 pies and we have had just an overwhelming amount of positive response.  If you are interested in trying our pies, go to and you can order the pies online.  We’ve price the pies very competitively and look forward to being very successful in this venture.

South Dakota’s weather continues to be very favorable for pheasant hunting and we are hauling pheasants to South Dakota as fast as we can.  This past week we took four full goosenecks just to South Dakota (about 2,500 cox per load).  Most of the producers in South Dakota are sold out and we have a good relationship with several of them – and are glad to wholesale birds to them (just one or two stops for a 2,500 bird load).

Our Food Product division is doing very well, much better than 2009 or 2008 – not yet up to 2007 sales levels though.  We continue to be very encouraged at the up tick in demand for our dressed and smoked pheasants.  We are very optimistic that November and December will continue the increased sales #’s we experienced for September and October.

I’ll quickly mention that I had my ACL repaired in my left knee on 10/21 and though I went back to work the week after my surgery – I just didn’t seem to get as much done.  My blog was one of the casualties of not being as efficient in getting everything done each day.  I’ve ditched my crutches and making progress big time.   Enough about that.

A number of us put a lot of effort into promoting the 2011 NAGA (North American Gamebird Association) annual convention – to be held in Charleston, South Carolina 1/17/11 thru 1/19/11.  Our NAGA Executive Director Ladd Johnson mailed out 7,000 plus brochures promoting both the NAGA and the convention.  Let’s hope we get a good turnout.  If you want to check it out – go to

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