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MacFarlane Pheasants’ Maintenance Program Has High Standards

On July 23, 2020 in General by spope

MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. keeps a three-person maintenance crew, led by Jay Illbeck, quite busy. We deliver chicks, eggs, pheasants, and other wild birds year-round, so our trucks, vans, and trailers need to be in tip-top shape. Pre-trip inspections, typically, take place right after a truck gets back from a delivery.

Drivers share any concerns they have experienced on the road or during their walk around the truck. Then, Jay and the crew begin their work using a checklist including:

 Walk-Around Inspection

• Look for leaks or obstructions

• Look for dents, scratches or other damage

• Check tires for tire pressure and tire tread

• Check wheels for bent, loose, missing lug nuts or flaps

• Check lights and clearance (license, interior lights, reflectors)

• Check doors and mirrors

Under-Hood Inspection

• Check oil and fill if needed

• Check radiator overflow

• Check all fluid levels

• Check all gauges

• Check windshield wipers and blades

• Check horn

• Check defrosters, heaters, and air conditioners

• Check emergency brakes

• Check steering wheel for play

• Check fire extinguisher

• Check the first-aid kit

• Check for three reflectors in red box

• Check seats and handrails

• Check seatbelts

• Check for current registration and ID

• Check that vehicle is free of loose objects

• Check for cleanliness

The Maintenance Department keeps parts on hand to do all repairs as efficiently, as possible. Trucks, trailers, and vans always leave the farm in excellent condition. Safety and efficiency standards in the Maintenance Department provide drivers with safe vehicles for the important work of delivering many thousands of chicks, eggs, pheasants and other wild birds to our customers.


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