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MacFarlane Pheasants Hires A Human Resources Generalist

On October 3, 2022 in Employees by spope

Chelsea Hall was excited to launch her position as a Human Resources Generalist at MacFarlane Pheasants in July 2022. She told me how grateful she was that everyone she has met has been so open and friendly. She also said, “Everyone is getting used to this new position, and I look forward every day to sharing what I can do for the MacFarlane employees.”

Chelsea’s job responsibilities include: 

  • Monitoring and processing payroll 
  • Helping employees with vacation schedules 
  • Maintaining employee files 
  • Scheduling performance reviews 
  • Standardizing training systems  
  • Hiring new employees

After graduating from UW Whitewater with a BA in English Literature, Chelsea spent the next seven years as a Bookstore Manager. She performed many of the same duties in that position that she is performing at MacFarlane Pheasants. She enjoyed FFA in High School and spent time on a horse farm, but this is her first experience with pheasants and other wild birds. Though it is a new learning experience, Chelsea is always looking for new opportunities to learn, so this job is a perfect fit for her.

Though Chelsea grew up in Poynette, WI, she has lived in Janesville since her college days at UW Whitewater. She is married and has a “very spoiled” Shiba Inu dog named Yuki. In addition to spending time with her husband, Odis, and her beloved Yuki, Chelsea has some hobbies that keep her busy. She plays the trombone in two different bands, the U Rock Community Band and the Beloit College Band. Knitting and acrylic painting with a focus on outer space are her favorite hobbies! And, in addition to her favorite pastimes, she goes to craft fairs in her spare time! 

We had such a warm and friendly conversation while I learned about Chelsea’s position as a Human Resources Generalist and her many interests and accomplishments. Be sure to stop in and welcome her to the MacFarlane Pheasants’ family.


Chelsea's Painting                  Yuki (Shiba Inu)

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