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Looking for Employees?

On October 2, 2013 in General by spope

Are you having trouble finding employees for your farm? Perhaps you’ve had some recent turnover and need to bring in some new hands? Or maybe you’re expanding and are looking for some fresh hands to add to your business? Well we’d like to help! Here are some places/ways MacFarlane Pheasants looks for and finds their employees:

• We look locally by placing an ad in the newspaper.
• We go through poultry organizations like Midwest Poultry Consortium.
• We post open positions on our website as well as other job-related website (ex:
Employee Pics 037 - Copy

When we look to hire, we don’t get too caught up in what the prospective employee went to school for or what their degree is in because there aren’t too many people who major specifically in Pheasant Farming. Typically we look for some poultry training during college, but a Poultry Science degree is not necessary. If we are looking for a specific degree, the most common one would be in Animal Science. Because our needs are so specific we generally look at a college degree or further education that an applicant has as an ability and desire to learn. We are completely willing to train someone to a roll rather than holding out for or needing to hire someone who already has those skills. This is easier for us when looking, and gives a broader scope of applicants and opportunity for hire.
(Information from Brad Lillie)

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